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Programs & Projects

Dedicated Donations - Corporate, institutional and individual donors can opt to allocate their contributions to projects that best suit their social investment goals and philosophies.

Mentorship - Business and professional people, gifted students and retirees can volunteer as academic tutors, vocational counselors and all round role models to disadvantaged, failing, troubled and at-risk youth.

Matching Funds Program - In addition to making outright grants and awards, the Millennium Fund rewards the personal efforts and initiative of clients and client groups by matching funds they raise on their own.

International Outreach - The Millennium Fund is always looking to enlist and harness the interest, patriotism, expertise and diverse skills of Barbadian professionals and technical specialists resident abroad. The Fund networks their corporate, institutional and personal connections to secure valuable gifts, donations and grants.

Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Status - In due course, the Fund will move to constitute itself as a formal Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), and make itself eligible for funds awarded by the special European Community facility and other foundations worldwide.

Partnered Fund Management

Donated funds are pooled into two diverse investment portfolios which are administered by dedicated fund managers, who repesent the business and the other community partners in the consortium.

Employee Incentive Schemes

Businesses are encouraged to use the Fund's programs and projects as credible, effective tools to realize their contribution to community development. As incentives for their employees' participation, employers can offer awards and bonuses, and apply credits towards promotion and salary increases.

Sweat Equity

Small businesses which may not be able to make monetary donations at start-up can contribute "sweat equity"— donations of time, talent and expertise to any of the Fund's main programs.

Volunteers in Business (VIBs)

Business and Corporate partners offer temporary work attachments to young adults, providing them with real-world job skills and workplace experience. Nominal stipends to cover daily expenses are recommended.

On the Horizon

Here's a peek at some of the plans we have on the drawing board and our wish list for programs and events we'd like to implement eventually.

  • A quarterly magazine
  • A benefit gala
  • Celebrity sporting events
  • Scholarships and traineeships
  • Annual fund raising telethon/radiothon