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Baton Rouge

Westdale Middle School Students Get Gift of New Books

Westdale Middle School 7th Grade class and teacher Ms. Sharon Bankston are all smiles as they show off new text books supplied by the Millennium Fund. Before receiving this gift, these students shared a single copy.

Millennium Volunteers of LSU (MVLSU)

The student organization, Millennium Volunteers of LSU (MVLSU), is responsible for tutoring in the neighborhood schools and at the Carver Library in the community. Pictured below are two MVLSU officers who administer the program.


St. George Secondary School Cadet Corps Goes To Camp

A Millennium Fund grant to the St. George Secondary School in Barbados, made it possible for its Cadet Corps to attend a two-week camp at the Paragon Cadet Campsite located in the parish of Christ Church.

The school serves predominantly lower middle to working class students who are struggling with academic and social deficiencies. The grant was used to purchase sneakers, t-shirts, toiletries and sundry items, and it directly benefitted 37 cadets.

Campers took part in activities that challenged them physically and exposed them to situations designed to cultivate a sense of responsibility. But it wasn't all business. There were also lots of fun things to do and opportunities for cadets to socialize with new friends.

The Barbados Cadet Corps is a national youth organization based in the school system and affiliated to the Barbados Defence Force (BDF). Cadets complement the academic curriculum through the use of discipline, challenging activities, a sense of duty and respect for authority.

When principal Ms. Catherine Jordan assumed the helm of St. George Secondary School in 2005, she established a number of priorities to boost the school's reputation. Among them was a plan to involve students in enrichment activities that would enhance their social, emotional and personal development.

The opportunity to expose her cadets to the training, guidance and character building exercises at the Paragon camp was an important and positive step towards achieving that goal.


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Who We Are and What We Do

The Millennium Fund was founded in Barbados in 1995 with the goal to forge partnerships among businesses, community organizations and individual volunteers to serve Barbados' neediest youth.

Rapid changes in the local and global economy over the last two decades have created stubborn sectors of unemployment among post-secondary young adults in Barbados.

High levels of joblessness among our 15-25 year olds have at least in part, contributed to increasing levels of crime, drug abuse, violence and social disaffection. Present trends guarantee that in the new century, youths affected by these conditions will prove particularly difficult to integrate into the mainstream of the productive economy.

The Millennium Fund aims to serve as one organization of community partners, dedicated to voluntary service, whose projects and plans can help to foster enterprise and opportunity for our neediest children and youth in the 21st century.


Our mission

  1. To brighten the horizons of hope for needy, marginal and at-risk youth by focusing social investment resources on these groups.
  2. To pool corporate and individual donations of money, expertise and time to develop and deliver community programs for these groups.
  3. To facilitate companies' commitment to community service by offering their employees a chance to use their skills to develop disadvantaged but deserving youth.
  4. To develop an effective training ground for individual and corporate volunteers to nurture marginal and disadvantaged youth into productive workers and responsible citizens.

Our services

  • Mentorship
  • Education and Training
  • Computer Literacy
  • Job Skills and Work Experience
  • International Outreach

Our Partners

  • Corporate and Business entities
  • Churches and Schools
  • Civic and Community groups
  • Youth Organizations
  • Individual Volunteers